March 2014 - Page 2 of 15 - Marijuana and Health

Marijuana Smoke-In 1973 photo 1 Image by washington_area_spark Smoke-In by yippies on Mall in Washington, DC, July 4, 1973. See set description for more detail. This set of images was scanned from original negatives. The originals negatives were badly damaged and some photoshop work was done to recreate the damaged portions. Non-commerical use of photos […]
Choosing A Health Insurance Plan 101 Ask yourself how important it is to you to keep your current health care provider. Are you willing to look for a new one? If not, you may want to make sure that your provider is “in-network.” (If you visit a provider who is “out-of-network,” you might … Read […]
Alicia Raimundo has been a mental health advocate since she was 13, after she experienced serious bouts of suicidal ideation as the result of her depression … Following the 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech, NACADA listservs were abuzz with discussions on how educational institutions respond to students showing signs o… Video Rating: 0 / 5
Washington marijuana entrepreneurs fear potentially violent consequences of … Initiative 502, approved by Washington voters in November 2012, legalized the recreational use of marijuana and established a state-regulated system for the drug's production and sale. Washington residents over the age of 21 will be allowed to purchase … Read more on The Oregonian Marijuana Legalization […]
Quitting Smoking with another Person Makes the Journey Easier Everyone is fairly educated in the health risks involved with smoking. These range from cardio vascular problems to high blood pressure to bad teeth. It can even make you score low in the amorous affairs and reduce the likely hood of continuing the family name! This […]
marijuana wars – weeds a stimulant Image by “it was 3 a.m.” Dont buy the hype. The stereotypes are wrong (pot is a stimulant), I have great career I love, diplomas on the wall, I exercise everyday, I have nice things, good relationships, and I have smoked daily since junior high, including my exams and […]