2013 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup – Herban Medicinals Dispensary tour

2013 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup - Herban Medicinals Dispensary tour

I got to do a tour of the Herban Medicinals dispensary. They are also beta testing 3 of the L4A lights from Radiant. If you are a Co. red card holder, you sh…

A quick tour of The Green Solution dispensary in Denver Colorado. 4400 Grape Street Denver, CO 80216 Hours: 9am-7pm Daily Phone: 303.990.9723.
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  • fortgreene31

    It will be banning mj sales? I didn’t get the mj part sorry… Otherwise i
    have people in Reading Pa. I told a few of my friends my family and I are
    moving to Colorado. I am doing my homework now to see what part in colorado
    fit my family and all. I was checking out north of Colorado like Fort
    Collins or Denver or Castle Rock or Boulder. I will be woking doing
    security and my wife a 911 operator. We aiming for 2015 we should be out
    there for sure. Say goodbye to Florida. Peace…..

  • Justintime2grow

    Now that’s a dispensary.

  • fortgreene31

    Cool video and would like to know. Where is the jobs at in Denver or the
    Springs? Looking forward to moving there with my family this year. From
    N.Y. now live in Fl and hate it. I hear a lot of good things going on in
    Colorado. Peace.

  • awesum03ooo

    I’m from PA and im moving to CO 2014 as well. I’m looking for employment as
    well. I wouldnt move to Co springs it already said that it will be banning
    mj sales.

  • 831Dank

    Holy shit, a dispensary with their garden in the background, that’s sick as

  • Damen Roy

    #thegreensolution #denver #colorado