12 Tips for Optimal Prostate Health / Treatment of BPH (Enlargement), Cancer, and Prostatitis! Find out about prostatitis remedies now!


  • MrReallionaire100

    Basically become a female

  • Elaine Newell

    Following those tips would help to prevent a lot of problems

  • Nicholas Green

    Point 8 here: “improve circulation”. I agree. That’s what Dr Allen’s
    Device does. I think that’s why it works so well. It
    enables the thermobalancing therapy, which is about continuous improvement
    of blood circulation. Works for BPH and prostatitis.

  • Fatelvis2

    at 2:38 high fat food elevate testosterone which enlarge the prostate
    what a rip off low t and no fatty foods or an enlarged prostate :(

  • goldeneagle7771

    daily bowel movement is important

  • BJ Daniels

    the truth is that cocke other sweet coloured shit drinks did that
    damage..well most of it like 85% …im completly cured now ..sure eating
    like that may cure you in ..a few years..but i cured like
    in..letts say 2-3 weeks with a tea..and just not drinkin all those shits on
    the market just ocasionaly now

  • rich bingham

    I wonder about soy and zinc

  • joe18370

    roasted nuts are acidic

  • Ketan Patel