10 Fun Facts About Sleep You Didn’t Know

Here are 10 fun facts about sleep that you probably don’t know Here are 10 fun facts about sleeping: Number 10 – When you are snoring, you can’t dream. Numbe…
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  • Charger Dave

    I must be a genious… im up till 3

  • Sonja Grinstead

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  • OddLyoko5

    I need to start sleeping on my stomach!

  • christina waring

    1:48 +Sam Edmiston and you told me to go to bed Lol

  • mihir shinde

    going to sleep on stomach from this day !!!

  • michelle delgado

    I sleep on my stomach and all I have is nightmares

  • 75lexluther

    we all need sleep if we dont get it we just not our selves and catch colds
    and sneezing faster….. i sleep on my back but wake up on my stomach….
    not all my dreams are sexual but i had some freaky orgy dreams while others
    seem to be more spiritual and i wake up feeling enlighten

  • Vannessa Rodriguez

    mhm gonna sleep on my back tonite anyone with me? ;)

  • Ricky Sandman

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  • Jourdan Bordes

    i love your videos 


    I am going to start sleeping on my stomach now!

  • Marios Zioupas

    And my personal reason I cant sleep at night is because maybe something
    scared me…..
    ( Thriller, Alien movies etc.)

  • Blackclone Badson

    hmm if i sleep on my stomic i will have sex dreams :3 lets try it :D

  • max010113

    right! sleeping on my stomach from now on! XD

  • RTx508

    I hardly at all sleep at night, does that make me a genius? :|

  • Catalín Patrascu

    When i go to sleep i start to dream 4-5 hours later. That is good?