• Dazzy C

    The only three facts that are worth spreading are the top three the rest is
    just not relevant to the real use or reason for cannabis. (My opinion 🙂 ).

  • Reginald McLaurin

    I got arrested for marijuana last yr..and Im still smoking.

  • KevinD Hernandez

    What’s that song called ? 

  • bob lose

    i like weed.

  • RayWalls76

    @TomJones, you are such a dumbass. Take your republitard conspiracy
    somewhere else.

  • Reginald McLaurin

    I got arrested for marijuana last yr..and Im still smoking.

  • rosipm101

    Well Tom, you just showed your ignorance. All of this is true, with out

  • run8scap80201

    43 people r stoners.

  • Rick Tummis

    what facts are false?

  • Tom Jones

    lol I wouldn’t trust the sources. Most of these so called ”facts” are

  • iCANTsleep2

    Exactly. Listing10 is obviously a smoker

  • tom barley

    fuck you jones im tom barley andi dont like your bitch ass

  • wukilla11


  • Tom Jones


  • tom barley

    the ffukc yuou talkin bout niggas wanna duke dis out nigga wanna duke this
    out??? you mad bruh you mad??

  • Og Bugsy Siegel

    this guy gets it

  • prometheusneedshelp

    Word up!

  • amaralproductions


  • Tom Jones

    Calm down my friend

  • Frasnova

    Can you source the info???? I need to do a project about this. Please
    respond!!! I need the sources

  • 855842

    Legalize the plant already

  • lovethosedocs

    yeah, i used to work in a pet shop and i specialized in aquarium problems.
    people would come up to me in a restaurant and talk about problems in their
    tank and what can they do etc. its nuts.

  • swunka11

    jeff are you a mail man?

  • nailzit88

    Hi I’m a big fan of your videos from Australia. I wanted to get your
    opinion because I respect it. I want a good balanced balisong but I can
    only buy them on line and can’t try before I buy, plus I”m only used to
    heavy balisongs like the kimura and rotons. I want a lighter one,
    preferably a benchmade. One that has great balance for flipping. what would
    you recommend? A BM 51? Any others? I’m also limited to what I can buy over
    the net in kit form. Thanks.

  • Leighton Scheer

    or you could leave the spider alone

  • Noah Taylor


  • Camii Castle

    Than cigarettes****

  • mujari

    so what, did someone come up and ask about youtube? haha

  • Justin Nemeti

    I’m an agnostic. I have no problems with anyone’s beliefs as long as they
    don’t try to force them down my throat.

  • Foxxy

    as much as i am a athiest, their isnt a need to call someone a idiot for
    what they believe in, kinda gives athiest a bad name

  • The1WhiteFox

    Joint or a j lol. Although I have used the term “marijuana cigarette”
    before. Just with my friends lol

  • Simen Evensen

    You are the type of person I like. Just pointing that out there.

  • Marco Rodriguez

    i still ont kno wat happene to his teeth =[

  • Dylan Smith

    I love these random thoughts