04 – Problems of the Vegan Diet – Gabriel Cousens, MD – Overview of Great Health

Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D.(H) gives an overview of the Great Health Debate. For more information visit
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  • TheSproutarian

    Yes, high mineral diets are very very important, and most vegans fail to
    get high levels. Focussing on foods such as: sprouted seeds (crucial),
    occasional fermented sprouted seeds/nuts, sprouted microgreen juices,
    various seaweeds, sprouted greens, chlorella, hydrilla green algae, E3 live
    and some sprouted grains and sprouted legumes are important. Low nutrient
    foods such as fruits are best kept to a minimum if you can. Also avoiding
    shop bought or farmers market fruits/veggies is key because the literature
    clearly shows potential huge losses of highly important phytochemicals and
    some vitamins. 

  • Sam Leigh-Brown

    Umm, well, I just had a full blood test. And, everything is in top order! I
    am a little overweight, (I eat too much bread, pasta etc. :/ ) quite
    muscley (74%) and I have eaten no meat for the past 28 years, been vegan
    for the past 5 years. Apparantly my blood values are an example to all! 🙂
    hehe.. (the Doc didn´t know I am vegan) ..After I told him, we tested B12,
    B6, and Ferritin. Which were all the Bomb! So, I dont know.. maybe I am a
    super-vegan. ;)

  • RSUN2012

    Woah! That is such a little thing to do, and the ramifications potential
    avoidance is huge. Arthritis it seems expectant is this day and age.
    Arthritis can even make a young person feel, and move as if they were
    elderly, and injured severely. It sucks, and is along with diabetes is a
    plague amongst everyone it seems. It is amazing to know that our diets can,
    and do contribute either in a positive, or negative way to any condition we
    have, or can potentially develop.

    Thank you DR. Cousens for your message.

  • TheSproutarian

    Dr Esselstyn comes from a different position and his ideas on very low fat
    are limited because he doesn’t take into account antioxidants major role in
    preventing oxidative stress with higher fat diets, neither does he take
    into account exercise in his argument.

    High omega 3’s are definitely very important for many many reason and is
    why l have a bowl of chia sprouts every second day (6 tablespoons of dry
    seed that is sprouted). 

  • Ben Faust

    0:42 – “You don’t get enough cholesterol.” Your body makes all the
    cholesterol it needs. Then you say your diet is plant-based, which causes
    some confusion since the only significant sources of cholesterol are
    animal-sourced foods. Should have left that statement until the end, so
    your credibility wouldn’t have been compromised so early. As far as
    long-term diets, over 5,000 patients on the McDougall diet for up to 28
    years, with no supplements besides B-12, were regularly tested, and
    developed no nutritional deficiencies whatsoever.

  • Gaetanus Cajetan

    Yeah this Doctor is a phony, its ridiculous. He takes random statistics and
    has a bunch of woo woo spiritualist dietary advice. Yeah its just a rule of
    thumb, stick to only healthy fats and don’t over do it. As an athlete for
    explosive performance not just regular exercise, you need those carbs for
    muscle growth, get some serious gains and be awesome on the field the way
    it was meant to be. You can’t do any serious endurance without carbs. So
    many of his other video’s its the same stuff…

    Now don’t mind you I am a fervent orthodox Catholic, I have a strong faith.
    I am also an aristotelianist Thomist, so I believe that reason and faith
    are complementary. The natural order of the world was created in a rational
    manner, and so this means we can be able to study it with reasonable
    certainty if approached with the right hypothesis we can come with
    reasonable conclusions. You have to ask the right question’s instead of
    just coming with stupid observations.

    This is what we call trolling, he builds a “convincing case for veganism”
    but in reality the only thing he is doing is weakening it. He is playing
    the “I am on your side card”, but there is nothing he has said that is
    remotely healthy… If he recommends to eat 40% of your calories coming
    from fat, then you will have to eat 30-40% of your calories from proteins,
    if you want to eat a low “carb” diet. Add on top of that you have just
    eliminated fruit from your spectrum of foods, because 2 banana’s is not
    even the recommended amount from the USDA’s pyramid scheme chart. I have
    seen this done all the time, all he does is agree with the Primal Paleo
    monkeys, and then concludes that veganism is the answer simply ridiculous.

    A proper syllogism is where the premises lead to your conclusions, but this
    man completely monkey wrenches your logical part of the brain with his sort
    of reasoning.

    You are not a vegan you are a flexitarian, and that is no problem. However,
    you are making it seem that you are somehow different. Your brain rains on
    glucose buddy, I am sure you know that. That is the bodies PREFERRED
    calorie source, it also happens to be the most reasonable given all the
    starches there are in the world that are extremely calorie dense.

    Yes Omega 3’s are extremely important, but you sure don’t need to eat so
    much damn fat in order to be able to get your RDA of Omega 3’s, simply take
    3 tablespoons of flaxseed (grinded) covers for well over what is
    recommended. If you somehow are skeptical of the accuracy of the RDA, which
    is understandable some people might need a little more. To suggest however
    that the RDA is 5 standard deviations to the right, wrong from what we
    actually need everyday is total crap. I eat approx. 350-450 calories from
    healthy fats apart from whatever is in my fruits (first two meals of my day
    consist of pure fruits with some flaxseed + molasses) and veggies. I eat
    plenty of fruit and at night I eat some cooked foods, on a daily basis I
    eat well past the RDA on everything every single day. Plus the body is
    extremely efficient if you are somehow deficient on some mineral, the only
    problem is if you would eat so bad continually for every single day that
    you would start developing health problems. Why do you think it takes
    decades to have a high processed crap diet to start getting diabetes,
    cancer etc…

    I have seen COUNTLESS vegans, who eat a general high carb low fat (keeping
    fat from 10-18%). Their heart is flawless, they live amazing into their
    older years well into their 90’s.

    The problem is that too many vegans are only eating vegan because they have
    problems eating animals, which is a HORRIBLE reason why to switch to
    veganism. You should be a vegan strictly for health reasons, there is
    nothing immoral about eating animals. So they then switch to all the fake
    meats, high processed “vegan” foods and they end up making the healthy
    vegans look bad. This is the reason why it took me so long to completely
    make the switch to veganism, because I knew some vegans that seriously
    looked like they had some health issues. Why might that be, because they
    never actually touched the whole plant foods, its like they were allergic
    to it. You see if you switch to veganism for strictly ethical reasons, then
    you will eat stuff that will taste similar to the meat you were accustomed
    to. You are going to stick to eating empty calories from fats, carbs and
    processed proteins.


    The idea that because you’re a vegan no animals die is in fact wrong Not a
    single bite of food reaches our mouths that has not involved the killing of
    animals. By some estimates, at least 300 animals per acre—including mice,
    rats, moles, groundhogs and birds—are killed for the production of
    vegetable and grain foods, often in gruesome ways. Only one animal per acre
    is killed for the production of grass-fed beef and no animal is killed for
    the production of grass-fed milk until the end of the life of the dairy

  • John Morgan

    It seems he is worried about vitamins, minerals, and omega 3’s…. maybe
    not vitamins he just said minerals and fatty acids……. I can eat a
    handful of cashews or pistachios everyday and cover those two problems one
    handful at a time.

  • ufoshop

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    for “Xylphlike Fat Loss”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  • John Rain McManus

    People are nuttier about diet than they are about religion. Some day there
    will be a world war fought over vitamin K. Just sayin’.

  • Ben Jorgensen

    im confused, why is it that you and some of the other people i have watched
    from the weston a price foundation will say that cholesterol is not bad,
    but yet you still think it’s important to lower your cholesterol….?? lol,
    why the contradiction? btw, im on board with traditional eating, im not a
    vegan troll! i just want to know why there is this almost correct, but
    flawed middle ground that says lower your cholesterol, but eat plenty of it!

  • Free man

    I prefer perform a lil bit less without meat eggs and cheese lol 😀

  • tickyul

    Thanks for the tip. I wish Youtube would be more liberal in letting people
    post videos and comments……….EXCEPT for the fuKKKing spam. The spam
    for diets is the worst…..assholes!!!!!!!!!

  • irlumir

    IS easy. Eat legumes every day XD. I try to achieve my minerals with
    lentisl and whole grain. Fat from avocado and oil olive. I eat lot of
    lentils with rice. Fruits from my vitamins. Bananas, lemons, tomatos,
    kiwis, cherrys, etc,etc. Was raw vegan for a while and was crap. I lose lot
    of muscle mass. Then with this diet i telling you i gain 15 kilos of lean
    muscle in two months by doing one day a week a heavy intense workout. Also
    some whole grain bread but not to much. Works well.

  • happyhermit00

    I eat very little fruit like an avocado and some berries a day. I focus
    more on eating vegetables and sprouted nuts, seeds, beans, and grains.

  • Jae Red

    You are grossly misinformed.

  • sidux

    if u go on 100% vegan diet u will become realy realy skiny for me it’s not

  • LUVallova

    One can even die from poor water consumption. lol You’re right. Planning
    and execution is key.

  • Marraudor

    FINAly a vegan talks about problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finallt i am

  • 3choBlaster

    You realize that’s a fake account made by a marketing company or the
    company she promotes and the account will NEVER reply or read the shit you
    just wrote? They just spam the same comment OVER and OVER again in all
    video’s with a certain amount of views concerning lifestyle etc. The point
    is to make retards think that it’s an actual person that just happens to
    mention their product lol using a pic of a women/girl helps haha .. how do
    I know this? WHO DOESN’T + I study business

  • sendo prey

    Literally yeah (lol)? If you truly believe in magic energies I think
    Hogwarts is a suitable place. Holistic/Chinese/Alternative medicine is just
    plain old damaging. If any of it worked it would be called MEDICINE!

  • jack perham

    Why the bad rap for ‘LDL’?? Low LDL= Muscle loss, dementia, memory loss
    and LDL clearly plays apart in protecting the brain through ageing! And
    isn’t there 2 types of LDL (Large and Boyant and Small and Dense). Large
    and Boyant LDL is increased via ‘natural’ fat consumption’ and Small dense
    LDL via Sugar consumption (Increasing chances of CV disease). And is this
    guy suffering from a common cold?? Maybe some ‘cod liver oil’ could help
    him out!